JoJo Tells Her Story, From Massive Success To Label Troubles To Her Comeback

JoJo was 13 years old when she released her debut single “Leave (Get Out),” which topped the pop charts and launched her career. Her musical path has had its share of ups and downs since then, but now she is ready for a new era. JoJo, now 29, tells her story in the latest Honda Backstage video, a 25-minute documentary that chronicles her rise to fame, her record label issues, and her return.

The video starts with a JoJo quote that summarizes her headspace right now: “You’d be surprised how many times I’ve seen, ‘Oh my god, I thought JoJo died! Like, she’s still out here?’ Yeah, b*tch! I’m still here!”

Indeed, JoJo is still here, and 16 years after her breakout hit, she is in control. She now has her own label imprint, Clover Music, via Warner Music Group. Through the imprint, she released re-recorded versions of her first two albums, 2004’s JoJo and 2006’s The High Road, because she doesn’t own the masters of the original releases.

Her relationship with the label that does own those masters, Da Family Entertainment, has been a frustrating one for JoJo. “At a certain point, my label was no longer a functioning record label,” she said. “They lost their distribution. They were getting sued left and right. I recorded hundreds of songs, wrote hundreds of songs. They didn’t come out, and it felt like I was banging my head into a wall, because I’m like, ‘Is anybody ever gonna hear this?!’ It felt so insane.”

JoJo’s path has been a fascinating one, so watch her tell the story in her own words in the video above.

JoJo is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.