Jonas Brothers Add A Delightful Jazzy Twist To ‘Sucker’ During Their Tiny Desk Concert

The Jonas Brothers are used to playing their tunes to big crowds, especially since they’ve been supporting their mega-successful comeback album Happiness Begins. They recently played to a decidedly more intimate audience, though, when they stopped by the NPR offices for a Tiny Desk set.

The trio kicked things off with “Sucker,” but not how we’re used to hearing it. Accompanied by four other musicians, they launched into a rendition of their huge single that had a decidedly more jazzy bend to it. The track took on a loungey and subtly funky vibe, and it was an experiment that was ultimately a big success. All the while, Joe also sort of revisited the group’s Tonight Show “classroom instruments” performance of the song by playing a toy tambourine.

From there, the group also performed “I Believe” and “Only Human,” with plenty of banter between songs. After “I Believe,” they revealed that the day of the performance was actually Joe’s birthday, and Nick joked, “When we asked him last year, ‘What do you want for your birthday?,’ he said, ‘I want to perform on Tiny Desk next year,’ and thankfully the scheduling all worked out.”

Watch the Jonas Brothers’ Tiny Desk performance above, and revisit our review of Happiness Begins here.