It Took Three Hours Every Day To Cover Justin Bieber’s Tattoos For His ‘Anyone’ Video

Justin Bieber plays a boxer in the “Anyone” video he dropped at the top of the year, and it’s a well-produced effort overall. Perhaps the most impressive part, though, is how the many tattoos on Bieber’s body were covered up for the clip. Today, Bieber shared a “Vevo Footnotes” version of the clip, which reveals some trivia about the visual, including how much time Bieber spent getting his ink concealed.

One of the footnotes reveals the work and patience that went into the video, for which Bieber spent days working with a fight coordinator and hours each day in a make-up chair: “Both [director Colin Tilley] and Justin wanted his character to be as real as possible, so Justin spent two days training with a fight coordinator. Because tattoos weren’t popular in the era the video is portraying, he spent three hours each morning having his ink covered.”

The video also offers a quote from Bieber about the visual: “I’ve always wanted to do a boxing video, and it made sense for this song being an 80’s power ballad… If you’re not in love, it makes you want to be in love. It’s kind of like The Notebook.”

Check out the footnote-adorned “Anyone” video above.