Justin Bieber Went On ‘Shark Tank’ To Take Off His Shirt And Endorse A Chair

After taking a few weeks off, the first new Shark Tank episode of 2021 aired over the weekend. Big-time guests sometimes appear on the show, and on the latest episode, one of the most prominent names in music popped up: Justin Bieber. Bieber appeared, via a pre-taped video, to help ALL33 CEO Bing Howenstein try to get the sharks to invest in his company, which specializes in ergonomic office chairs.

Bieber said in the video, “Hey sharks, I’m Justin Bieber and this is the ALL33. It’s the chair that moves like I do. I mean, guys, look at this perfect posture! I’ve got my chest up, my shoulders back, I’m ready for anything. If you gotta sit, this is it.” In the clip, he also shoots a basketball while sitting and takes a moment to do some seated crunches without a shirt on, saying, “I mean, have you guys ever seen a chair that can do this? I’m doing a full ab workout right now.”

While Howenstein was surely grateful for the Bieber assist, it didn’t help him secure an investment, as all the sharks passed on the deal; Howenstein asked for half million dollars for a 2.5-percent share of his company.

Watch some clips from Bieber’s Shark Tank appearance above.