Justin Bieber Plays A Championship Boxer In The Dramatic ‘Anyone’ Video

Last night during a virtual livestream NYE concert, Justin Bieber debuted a brand new song called “Anyone.” He released the video shortly after too, in which he plays a small town, simple fighter who works his way up to the national championship. All with the support of his loving, devoted girlfriend of course, who doesn’t seem to have much purpose besides loving her good time boxing champ. The parallels drawn here between the fighter and living ini the public eye as a pop star are clear, so much so that it’s almost surprising not to see Hailey herself playing the wife role in the clip.

Still, it’s a sweet song about the power of love that fits neatly into the new oeuvre of Bieber songs we got in the back half of 2020, joining “Holy,” “Lonely,” and “Monster” for what amounts to a new mini-EP from Bieber.

Or is it paving the way for another full-length album? Hard to say at this point. Even more fascinating for fans who have spent large quantities of time tracking Justin’s tattoos is the behind-the-scenes video he shared of getting them all covered to portray a straight-laced boxer in the video. Check out that clip below and the video above. Surely we’ll be hearing a lot more from Bieber very soon in 2021.