Justin Timberlake Hilariously Made Himself ‘Guest Host’ To Do Jimmy Kimmel’s Opening Monologue Instead

Justin Timberlake briefly took over Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue duties during the Monday, March 11 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! — but not everything went to plan.

“I’m going to be your host tonight, Justin Timberlake,” Timberlake started. “Now you all might know me from being… Justin Timberlake.” He began to tell some jokes, including about NSYNC, when Kimmel came out to take back the mic.

“I’m confused, why are you here?” Kimmel asked. “I’m the guest host,” Timberlake answered.

“No, you’re the musical guest, why would I need a guest host?” Kimmel then pointed out in the planned skit, as Timberlake would perform later in the episode.

“Because you were out all night at the Oscar afterparty,” Timberlake replied. “No, not really. I went to one party then I went to bed,” Kimmel said.

A bit after Kimmel reclaimed his lead role on the show, Timberlake came back to perform “No Angels” from his forthcoming album, Everything I Thought It Was. Kimmel announced the pop star’s performance with a loud cheering crowd behind him.

Timberlake matched the groovy song with some red lighting and entertaining backing jazz musicians, including a trumpet player and more.

“Like full throttle, pilot on auto / There ain’t no angels here on the dance floor / Forget tomorrow, more like you wanna play / There ain’t no angels here on the dance floor,” he sang.

Check out Timberlake’s performance of “No Angels” on Kimmel and the opening monologue joke above.