A K-Pop Stan Dissed Janet Jackson’s Dancing, Which Of Course Sparked A Viral Discussion

Janet Jackson is trending on Twitter today (April 18) after a K-pop stan reacted to a video of the star dancing — and fans were not pleased with the response.

“this looks so funny she dances like a chicken,” the user wrote. In another tweet, they added, “getting into kpop really made me realise most of western artists just… can’t put put on a performance. cause tell me why even the biggest names waddle on the stage and would get outdance by a tier 5 nugu group from a company with 3 employees.”

After the tweet gained traction, many Jackson fans and music lovers pointed out just how impactful her work has been on artists — even decades later and especially in K-pop.

“your favorite kpop groups would not exist without Janet Jackson and probably won’t exist within the next 18 months. do not speak of her,” someone chimed in.

Others shared some videos, including one of Jackson’s 2001 performance on MTV. “Imagine thinking your fave is even comparable. She was 25 here and it was just light work for her. She could do this stuff in her sleep,” another captioned. (They later corrected themselves and noted she was actually 35 at the time.)

Meanwhile, someone else just warned the original user of what was going to happen. “U got the biggest storm coming and locking the doors isn’t going to do anything LOL,” they wrote.

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