Kacey Musgraves Contributes The Tender And Acoustic ‘All Is Found’ To The ‘Frozen II’ Soundtrack

The music of the original Frozen movie was a huge reason for the film’s success, and as anybody who has (or even knows) a young kid will tell you, the songs are catchy and memorable (so much so that toddlers will listen to them 40 times in a row without losing an iota of interest). Well, Frozen II is set to be released to theaters next week, and ahead of then, the film’s soundtrack has been released.

It’s not yet clear which of the film’s tunes will be the next “Let It Go,” but parents and other older folk can enjoy the fact that the soundtrack features renditions of the movie’s songs by some of their favorite artists. Panic At The Disco’s version of “Into The Unknown” was previously shared, and now that the whole soundtrack is available now, we have two new recordings: “Lost In The Woods” by Weezer, and “All Is Found” by Kacey Musgraves.

Musgraves’ “All Is Found” is a somber and intimate acoustic tune, one that may not have been a thematic fit on Golden Hour, but it’s still more Musgraves magic nonetheless. Between this recording and her upcoming Christmas show, Musgraves is gearing up for a special winter.

Listen to Musgraves’ take on “All Is Found” above.

Frozen II (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is out now via Walt Disney.