Kai Takes A Plunge Into The Unknown In Her Surreal ‘Fade Away’ Video

Kai had already secured a Diplo collaboration, a Grammy nomination, and a slot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart before ever releasing a debut project. Following her breakout success, Kai has now finally released her first EP, Like Water. To celebrate, the singer has shared a surreal visual to her EP’s track “Fade Away.”

The “Fade Away” video launches the singer into a magical world. She begins by drinking a glass of water before shortly realizing that something seems different. Upon walking to the window, Kai notices the sky is falling with fish, then eventually turns into the creature herself.

About the EP as a whole, Kai said: “Like Water takes you on a visceral journey of a love found and a love lost with ebbs and flows in between. I believe that relationships are our greatest teachers. Some are meant to last forever, others are meant to teach us more about ourselves, even if only for a season. […] I follow what feels good to me and because of that, the music is a greater source of joy than it has ever been before. I’m finally making music I’m extremely proud of and truly want to share.”

Watch Kai’s “Fade Away” video above and see her Like Water cover art and tracklist below.


1. “Get Me Good”
2. “Fade Away”
3. “Good Day”
4. “A Little Too Much”
5. “In The Now”
6. “So Kind”
7. “How Are You”

Like Water is out now and independently released. Get it here.