Kelly Clarkson Delivered A Stripped-Back Rendition Of Katy Perry’s ‘The One That Got Away’

In her second show of the year (January 2) Kelly Clarkson to The Kelly Clarkson Show stage for another one of her iconic “Kellyoke” covers. This time, she put her own spin of a Katy Perry fan favorite.

Joined by only guitarist Jaco Caraco, Clarkson delivered a stripped-back rendition of Perry’s “The One That Got Away” from her sophomore album, Teenage Dream.

While her backing band wasn’t behind her, as they usually are, Caraco’s soft guitar-playing, paired with Clarkson’s powerful vocals, allowed for the pure emotion of the song to shine through.

“In another life / I would be your girl / We keep all our promises / Be us against the world / In another life / I would make you stay / So I don’t have to say / You were the one that got away,” sang Clarkson, flawlessly executing each note.

Clarkson has a big year ahead of her. On top of her talk show, she revealed in an interview with Variety last year that she plans to drop a new album at some point in 2023.

“I had some time, finally. I’ve never had a summer off since I was, like, 16, and I was like, ‘I need it off,'” she said. “I think that created the space for me to really have time to go, ‘What am I comfortable with? What do I want to release?’

Check out the performance of “The One That Got Away” above.

Kelly Clarkson is a Warner Music artist. .