Kim Petras Revealed The Topless Cover Art And Tracklist For Her Debut Album, ‘Feed The Beast’

One of the most anticipated pop records of the summer is finally on the way. This upcoming Pride Month, Kim Petras will finally drop her debut album, Feed The Beast.

Today (May 23), Petras took to Instagram to share the album’s cover art. On the cover, Petras is seen topless, with her hands covering her breasts. In the background is a mysterious figure, who has a chain wrapped around the Grammy Award winner.

Additionally, Petras has also revealed the album’s tracklist. On the album is her Alice Deejay-sampling Nicki Minaj collaboration, “Alone,” as well as her chart-topping Sam Smith duet, “Unholy.” Fans can also expect a collaboration with Banks.

In an interview with Vice this past February, Petras revealed that she had been working on the album for three years.

“It’s been a transition from being an independent artist to being at a major label now,” she said. “And obviously, life has changed quite a bit since then. I have a wonderful team that really wants me to make my best work. So I’m just excited about people hearing this music – I listen to my own music all the time, it’s so lame, but it’s gonna be really really fun.”

You can see the cover art and tracklist below.

kim petras feed the beast album cover

1. “Feed The Beast”
2. “Alone” Feat. Nicki Minaj
3. “King Of Hearts”
4. “Thousand Pieces”
5. “Uh Oh”
6. “Revelations”
7. “Bait” Feat. Banks
8. “Sex Talk”
9. “Hit It From The Back”
10. “Claws”
11. “Minute”
12. “Coconuts”
13. “Castle In The Sky”
14. “Brrr”
Bonus Track
15. “Unholy” Sam Smith (feat. Kim Petras)

Feed The Beast is out 6/23 via Republic. Find more information here.