Kim Petras And Nicki Minaj Want To Get A Man ‘Alone’ On Their Steamy New Single

Kim Petras and Nicki Minaj are working their magic on a new track. The two have linked up for a steamy new track, “Alone.”

Over a sample of Alice Deejay’s “Better Off Alone,” Petras and Minaj have their eyes on special men and want to get them all by themselves for the night.

“I’ve been tryna give it to you all night / What’s it gonna take to get you all alone? / I just want you here by my side / I don’t wanna be here, baby, on my own,” sings Petras on the song’s chorus.

Minaj chimes in with a sexy verse of her own, letting the man of her affection know that he’s not gonna find a woman like her anywhere else.

“Puff, puff, pass ’cause you know we blazing / When I put it on him, he say, ‘It’s amazing’ / All this cake, he doin’ a tasting / I send shots, get ready, they may sting,” Minaj raps.

This collaboration comes as a full-circle moment for Petras. Last month, in an interview with Billboard she expressed that her dream girl group would consist of herself, Cher, and Minaj.

Through the power of manifestation, along with Minaj and Petras’ feminine mystique, as well as the overall nostalgia factor, “Alone” makes for an early contender for song of the summer.

You can listen to “Alone” above.