King Princess And Fousheé Connect On The Jumpy And Electric ‘Little Bother’

Sometimes the most unexpected collaborations are the best ones. That just might be the case for a new song from left-field queer pop star King Princess that dropped tonight, featuring Uproxx cover star Fousheé, who leans much more R&B. “Little Bother” goes a little bit harder than some of KP’s mellower stuff, and that might actually be a preview of what the rest of her second album is going to sound like. According to King Princess, aka Mikaela Straus, their second album is basically done and in the mixing stage.

“I’m really excited to give you KP2. I’m mixing her right now. In the meantime I have a sexy song for you with queen @FousheeLive called “Little Bother” presave in bio ;)))),” Strauss wrote on Twitter last night, before excitedly updating fans and her collaborator tonight: “It’s out @FousheeLive.”

The song is a reflection on a relationship where Strauss sings about feeling like “a little bother,” and Fousheé takes the second verse, offering up a similar lament. Though it’s not quite clear if the song is on the next King Princess album, or just a loosie for fans to enjoy while they wait, it’s an excellent piece of dark pop that bodes well for the new project. Listen above.