Lady Gaga Ends The Final Show Of Her ‘Chromatica Ball’ Tour Early Amid A Thunderstorm

Mother Monster is always looking out for her Little Monsters. At the Miami stop of Lady Gaga’s “Chromatica Ball” tour last night, a storm interrupted her show, forcing Gaga to end the concert early, with six songs remaining in the set.

In a video shared by fans, Gaga came to the stage to speak to fans after the final show of the “Chromatica Ball” tour is cut short.

“I’m sorry that we can’t finish but I don’t want to put your life in danger and I don’t want to put our life in danger,” she said. “Thank you, get home safely, god bless you, and thank you for coming to the show. Please go home.”

Following the announcement, fans gathered together in the Hard Rock Stadium to sing Gaga’s Chromatica single, “Rain On Me,” the album version of which features Ariana Grande.

Later in the night, Gaga took to Instagram, expressing sadness for having to end the show early, but gratitude for knowing that her fans and crew would be safe.

“Look, for years some of you have called me ‘mother monster,’ in my heart I knew it was better to keep you safe,” Gaga said in the post’s caption. “Thank you for believing in me. This was the greatest tour of my life and I will cherish this moment forever—it took a long time for me to heal, but I did. Sure, OF COURSE, I wanted to sing rain on me for you in the rain. ‘I’d rather be dry, but at least I’m alive’—I guess somehow I knew this moment would happen and I am so grateful to you, my dancers, my band, the whole crew, everyone, my family and friends.”