Lady Gaga And Tony Bennett’s ‘I Get A Kick Out Of You’ Is A Cheery Step Towards Their Upcoming Album

After meeting at the Robin Hood Foundation Gala in 2011, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett joined forces three years later for their first joint album, Cheek To Cheek. The project was released in 2014 and later debuted at No. 1 for what was Gaga’s third consecutive chart-topper and the second overall for Bennett. Almost seven years later, the duo is reuniting for their second joint album, Love For Sale, which arrives later this fall. In order to prepare fans for its arrival, Gaga and Bennett unveil the first single for the upcoming project with a rendition of Cole Porter’s “I Get A Kick Out Of You.”

Their latest release is a cheery track that sees the duo singing about their love and appreciation for each other. It begins with the light taps of piano chords as Gaga and Bennett sing a few lines back and forth to each other. Soon, the song’s full production, filled with drums, trumpets, and a bass guitar, arrives with Gaga and Bennett picking up the pace on the song through its end.

Gaga and Bennett second joint album, Love For Sale, is confirmed to arrive on October 1. The official artwork for the project was also shared and it depicts a stylized image of Gaga adjusting a bow tie on Bennett who holds a sketch of his collaborator. The album, which celebrates the songs by Cole Porter, will be released with “raw footage” of the duo’s recording sessions. It also comes after an AARP profile revealed Bennett was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2016.