‘Netflix Would Love’ If Lady Gaga Made An Appearance In ‘Wednesday,’ According To Jenna Ortega

During last night’s digital pre-show for the 2023 Golden Globes, the cast of Netflix’s hit series Wednesday revealed their thoughts about a major pop star potentially joining season two.

That’s right: rumors about Lady Gaga making an appearance have started swirling — as she’s become significantly tied to the show’s promotions. Her 2011 song “Bloody Mary” became the soundtrack to a viral TikTok dance trend that recreates what Jenna Ortega (who plays Wednesday) did in an episode.

“I’m sure Netflix would love that,” Ortega told Variety at the event before sharing a sweet story about a past interaction between her and Gaga. She continued, “You know what’s funny? A long time ago I worked with a hairdresser that worked with Gaga and I just had seen Gaga in concert a few years before. [The hairdresser got] Gaga [to make] me a video saying she heard I was a fan. Gaga made me a sweet video. I doubt she remembers. But to see her to do that now… it’s one of those moments you realize life changes really fast.”

Ortega was asked about if Gaga hypothetically joined the series, which character would she play? “If Lady Gaga were to be a part of it, they’d have to be two monsters who understand each other,” she described, noting that the pop star’s relationship to Wednesday would have to be similar to the dynamic between her and Mrs. Thornhill (Christina Ricci).

However, as for an official confirmation or denying the rumors, the Wednesday star admitted she doesn’t really know a lot. Given Netflix just announced the renewal of season two, it seems it will be at least a couple of months with writing and filming — with or without Gaga.

“I have seen nothing and I know nothing,” Ortega added. “As the actor you’re told what to do. I’m waiting on it! I think they’re just starting to get a writers room together so we’ll see.”