Lana Del Rey Insists Her Mesh Mask Wasn’t What It Looked Like

Last month, Lana Del Rey caught some backlash after she was seen wearing what appeared to be a mesh mask at a book signing event. People of the internet tore into Del Rey for wearing what seemed to clearly be an ineffective mask, but now Del Rey has finally offered a response.

The Michigan Daily, the student newspaper of the University Of Michigan, wrote an article about the mask, and Del Rey replied, “Great article. The mask had plastic on the inside. They’re commonly sewn in by stylists these days. I don’t generally respond to articles because I don’t care. But there ya go. Same goes for everyone’s masks in my video. I’m lucky enough to have a team of people who can do that.”

Del Rey also responded to people who believe she supported Donald Trump in this year’s election and to those who accuse her of glamorizing abusive relationships, writing, “Again not that I believe it’s anyone’s business at all-but I made it clear who I voted for. And I don’t glamorize tough relationships. Relationships can just be tough. Period. Every other singer sings about the same damn thing. Always have, Probably always will. Thanks stay tuned.”

In response to a fan who wondered why it took Del Rey this long to respond to the mask controversy, she wrote, “Bro I’m working on 2 albums and excitedly and happily donating a million dollars throughout the nation. If I responded to everything I would be [shrugging emoji].”

Meanwhile, Del Rey recently announced that she’s working on a covers album.

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