Lauv’s Emotional New Song ‘2021’ Welcomes The New Year

Lauv (born Ari Staprans Leff) is a quickly-rising pop star who seems to churn out hit song after hit song with relative ease. The singer-songwriter released his emotional debut album, how i’m feeling earlier this year, and spoke about his unique experience as an independent artist in the pop world. Collaborating with other stars like BTS, Troye Sivan, Anne-Marie and more, he’s also just as great on his own, as standout singles like his early track “I Like Me Better” reveal.

Tonight, he dropped a surprise new song called “2021” that’s much more lowkey than some of the other songs on his debut album. The sweet, slow autotuned track looks forward to a future that’s brighter and more hopeful than the difficult year most people — and particularly musicians, who rely mostly on touring for income — have had in 2020.

“2021 we could have some fun, maybe we could run,” he sings. “I could be the one. It’s time to go hard for you.” In a tweet about the new track Lauv wishes his fans a safe and happy new year: “2021 out now,” he wrote. “Stay safe enjoy New Year’s Eve see u on the others side.” Listen to the track above and look for more from Lauv in the new year.