Here Is LE SSERAFIM’s ‘Flame Rises Tour’ Setlist For 2023

LE SSERAFIM kicked off their Flame Rises Tour over the weekend in Seoul’s Jamsil Arena in support of their May album, Unforgiven. The band will be playing cities across the globe, including Nagoya, Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong, Jakarta, and Bangkok currently. The dates will continue on through October.

For international fans who are set to attend one of their upcoming shows, they might be wondering what songs the K-pop group will be playing live — with a lot of them being from the recent record.

Along with various interludes, they have played unreleased songs and provided extended intros to several others, providing hope that fans will also have even more new music to look forward to.

From LE SSERAFIM’s first night in Seoul, South Korea, find their setlist below for an idea of what to expect. More information and tickets for the Flame Rises Tour can be found here.

1. “Fearless”
2. “The Great Mermaid” (extended dance intro)
3. “Blue Flame”
4. “Impurities” (extended outro)
5. “No Celestial”
6. “Sour Grapes” (extended intro)
7. “Good Parts (When The Quality Is Bad But I Am)”
8. “We Got So Much” (unreleased)
9. “Flash Forward” (extended outro)
10. “Antifragile”
11. “Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard’s Wife”
12. “Unforgiven” (extended intro & outro)
13. “Fearnot (Between You, Me, & The Lamppost)” (extended intro)
14. “No-Return (Into The Unknown)”
15. “Fire In The Belly”