All The Best New Pop Music From This Week

Happy May! As summer slowly approaches, more and more pop artists are competing for the title of being the song of the summer. But why can’t there be more than one these days? This week has kicked off with new releases (and albums) from major K-Pop girl groups, and some unique-but-creative collaborations by other artists.

Check out Uproxx’s Best New Pop roundup below.

aespa — “Welcome To MY World” (feat. Nævis)

Continuing their massive momentum this year, aespa dropped a song, “Welcome To MY World,” last week as the first teaser from their brand new mini album, MY WORLD. (Both are now out to listen to.) While the first minute relies on a dreamy instrumental and slower vocals, things kick off — at the same time the girls are heading on a road trip together in the music video.

Ed Sheeran — “End Of Youth”

A track from Sheeran’s new album, (Subtract), “End Of Youth” finds him grappling with exactly that: getting older and everything that comes with it. As Sheeran himself told Apple Music, darker themes were woven throughout this record, as he is currently going through a lot emotionally.

“I sent this record to the record label, and they were like, ‘Is it a breakup album?’ And it’s not. It’s an album about… grief and depression and stuff,” he said. “I feel that I don’t want to give too much context and hammer it home…I want people to listen to it and relate it to their own life.”

Le Sserafim — “Unforgiven”

Le Sserafim‘s “Unforgiven” also doubles as the name of their new debut album, and what better way to honor a title track than with a feature from Chic’s Nile Rodgers? The music video finds the girl group embracing their villain era by dancing on tables, Coyote Ugly style.

Marshmello — “Fell In Love” (feat. Brent Faiyaz)

On Marshmello’s new collab with Brent Faiyaz, the EDM producer adds a hypnotic layer to Faiyaz’s retelling of the aftermath of how he “Fell In Love.” The chill vibes cross over into the music video, as he’s seen driving through the woods.

Fred Again.. — “Enough” (feat. Brian Eno)

Another collaboration on this week’s list, Fred Again.. enlisted Brian Eno to perform vocals on “Enough,” as well as the entirety of their new joint album, Secret Life. “Don’t you even think of givin’ up,” he repeats, urging someone to seemingly not leave him behind.

Sadie Jean — “Just Because”

“‘Just Because’ articulates the space between holding on and letting go. That period of time when you know you deserve better but you still haven’t adjusted to the absence of what’s been lost,” Sadie Jean shared about “Just Because,” her latest single. “Writing this song taught me that my feelings don’t have to co-exist in perfect harmony for them to be valid. It’s okay to miss someone who hurt you and to want to call someone you know you should probably never speak to again.”

Céline Dion — “I’ll Be”

Céline Dion is no stranger to being a standout when it comes to movie soundtrack contributions. “I’ll Be” is featured as part of the new film, Love Again, so it also acts as a romantic complimentary song. “You are a shooting star and I wanna be your night sky,” Dion notes, using each verse to showcase ways the couple works well together.

MisterWives – “Nosebleeds”

MisterWives is ushering in their new era as a band with “Nosebleeds,” the lead single from a recently-announced album of the same title. After a turbulent few years for the group, including being dropped from a label, it serves as an uplifting message that they can truly come back swinging — all by going back to the beginning.

“Nosebleeds was a homecoming to truth and freedom of self-expression. In doing so, we find ourselves in new territory both sonically and lyrically that unlocked our most raw and empowering music yet,” lead singer Mandy Lee told Rolling Stone. “Learning along the way that the journey is both heavy and delicate, vulnerable and strong, betrayal and trust, ugly and beautiful.”

Peso Pluma, Eladio Carrión – “77”

Peso Pluma’s “77” also features Eladio Carrión and will seemingly be included on his next album. Upon the song’s announcement, fans were loving that the two joined forces for a high-rolling song, where they detail how they’re unafraid and extravagant — in Rolexes and nice cars, as some examples.

Bruno Major – “We Were Never Really Friends”

“‘We Were Never Really Friends’ paints a picture of the blurry line between friends and lovers,” Bruno Major told Clash about the emotional struggles in his new song. “Ostensibly lamenting the loss of a good friend, until the ultimate realization arrives that it was always something more.”

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