Madonna Makes Jimmy Fallon Deeply Uncomfortable By Flashing Her Butt And Straddling His Desk

Madonna has always been one to live life by the beat of her own drum, and she did more of that on The Tonight Show yesterday. On the program, she engaged in some playful antics, which left Jimmy Fallon not quite knowing what to do.

Speaking about the inspiration author James Baldwin had on her and her Madame X tour documentary, Madonna said, “One of the things that I quote over and over again in the show is that artists are here to disturb the peace, so I hope that I have disturbed not only your peace this afternoon but also people’s peace while they watch the show. But I mean that in the best way.” Fallon responded, “Oh yeah, you get in good trouble.” Madonna, seemingly in thought and intrigued by Fallon’s phrasing, repeated, “Good trouble.” Then, without warning, she pushed aside the items on Fallon’s desk and laid on it with a leg hanging over the front side.

The host was clearly taken aback by the moment, as he frantically filled the air with calls for Madonna to “stop it” as the audience cheered. Declaring he didn’t know what to do, he took off his jacket to cover Madonna’s waist. She then dismounted and said, “No one’s gonna see anything, my god.” As she returned to her chair, while facing away from the camera, she briefly lifted the bottom part of her dress. That quickly offered a look at some skin, which left Fallon covering his face with his jacket.

Check out that clip, as well as others from Madonna’s Tonight Show appearance, above and below.