Maggie Rogers Excels In A Game Of ‘Catchphrase’ And Performs ‘Want Want’ On ‘The Tonight Show’

Maggie Rogers is quite the multi-hyphenate. Aside from being a world-class musician, she recently graduated from Harvard and she’s a fantastic “Catchphrase” player, the latter of which she proved by playing the game on The Tonight Show yesterday.

It was Rogers and Jimmy Fallon against Tariq Trotter (aka Black Thought) and John Krasinski, and Rogers perhaps played the best out of any of them. When she had the prompts in her hands, she offered concise clue after concise clue. The biggest struggle she had was at the end of the first round with “Simon Says,” a bit of a tricky one especially with the clock running down, but Rogers did well, saying, “It’s a game and you’re talking and you’re giving instructions and it’s a guy.” Fallon’s correct guess came in just after the buzzer. She rarely took more than a couple seconds to offer a correct guess to Fallon’s clues, too, so all in all, a strong “Catchphrase” showing from Rogers (despite cheating accusations from Krasinski after her clue was “Macarena” and she did the Macarena).

The primary reason for Rogers’ Fallon visit, though, was to deliver a terrific performance of “Want Want,” so catch that below and watch her thrive at “Catchphrase” above.

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