Maggie Rogers Has A Good Excuse Why She Hasn’t Released Music Lately — She’s In Harvard Grad School

Maggie Rogers’ 2019 folk-pop debut album Heard It In A Past Life cemented her status as a musician to watch. The album debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 album chart and even earned her a Grammy nod for Best New Artist. While the singer did follow-up the release with a compilation of archival recordings spanning 2011-2016, fans have been waiting for new music from the singer. But this week, she had a good excuse as to why she’s been so quiet in recent months.

Responding to a fan’s inquiry of why she hasn’t released any new music lately, Rogers gave an appropriate excuse. After taking undergrad classes at NYU (where her viral encounter with Pharrell Williams took place), Rogers is now busy taking grad school classes at Harvard. She even shared a photo of her student ID for proof. “lol i’m in grad school,” she wrote on Twitter. Rogers continued to share that she’s “studying the spirituality of public gatherings and the ethics of power in pop culture.” The singer also gave an update on the status of her new music. “and yes, music is coming,” she wrote.

News of Rogers’ Harvard admission arrives a few months after she saw a major music milestone. Back in June, Rogers revealed that her breakout tracks “Alaska” and “Light On” had been Certified Gold.