Maren Morris Gets An Assist From John Mayer For Her 2021 Grammys Performance Of ‘The Bones’

Maren Morris had herself a single Grammy nomination this year, as her hit 2019 single “The Bones” was up for Best Country Song. While it was revealed ahead of the broadcast that The Highwomen’s “The Highwomen” ended up winning the award, Morris had a nice consolation prize in that she gave a performance of the song during a country-focused block of the show, for which she was joined by John Mayer.

Ahead of the show, Morris spoke highly of Mayer and explained how their collaborative performance came to be, telling ET, “He is amazing, I have been such a fan for a long time, but he has really always been supportive of me. We actually met at the Grammys here a couple years ago and we have just had this mutual respect for one another and our craft. When I got nominated this year and was going to be performing, I just reached out as a friend to John and was like, ‘Hey, will you come in and sit in on guitar?’ He graciously said yes and he has just elevated this song to an even higher level than I thought. I am just so grateful that he said yes.”

Morris also said of the song, “To end it here, because it is sort of the end of the single cycle, ending at the Grammys is a pretty damn good place to end it. My favorite thing is, I wrote it about a relationship, but then so many fans during the beginning of COVID-19 were saying, ‘This song reminds me of our world right now.’ When the bones are good, the rest don’t matter. […] We are in the trenches together.”

Watch Morris and Mayer’s performance of “The Bones” above and find the full list of this year’s Grammy winners and nominees here.