Mariah Carey Explained An ‘Obvious Rhyme Scheme’ From One Of Her Biggest Hits

Mariah Carey has become one of the best Twitter users of her generation, with her witty observations and responses to fans offering entertainment and insight to thousands — especially as she pretty much goes viral with every tweet. What she lacks in quantity she makes up in quality, such as when she roasted a Baltimore rapper who sampled “We Belong Together” and joked about risking a poorly lit photo for a COVID shot.

Today, she decided to reply to a viral tweet that has been floating around for about a month that praised her songwriting prowess. The tweet, posted on December 17 by a fan account, captioned a snippet of Carey’s video for her 2008 video “Touch My Body” by expressing amazement that the veteran pop star would rhyme the words “secret rendezvous” with “Wendy interview” — as in, Wendy Williams, she of the gossip-laden daytime television talk show fame (although at the time, it was radio with her syndicated show on New York’s WBLS).

Replying with a quote tweet, Carey seemed nonplussed. “Why wouldn’t one use such an obvious rhyme scheme?” she wrote. Within an hour, the tweet had accumulated well over 2,500 retweets and 16,000 likes. Responses from fans ranged from nostalgic reveals that Carey’s songwriting got them better grades in school to joking that Carey could out-rap the most committed of rappers. Carey’s vocabulary — at least in the pop world — would appear to be unrivaled… but for her, it looks like there really is nothing to it. Check out more responses below.