Marina Questions Her Legacy On The Hypnotic Single ‘Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land’

Following up on her electrifying singles “Mans World” and “Purge The Poison,” Marina returns to share the title track off her impending album Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land. Like her previously released songs, the energetic tune contends with climate change the world humans will leave behind.

“Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land” features buoyant synths under Marina’s hypnotic lyrical delivery. “Our ancestors had to fight to survive / Just so we could have a chance of a life / We’re not here so we can blow it all / We could bear witness to the rise and the fall,” she sings, reflecting on her place in history and how our actions impact the earth’s future.

Just ahead of the song’s release, Marina sat down for a 30-minute live Q&A session with fans on YouTube where she answered questions about her upcoming album. The singer said that while the first few singles released off of Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land have been overtly political, the album as a whole also centers around themes of love. “I think half of the record is socio-political, but that’s something I’ve been doing for much of my career anyway, since The Family Jewels,” she said, mentioning her 2010 debut album. “Half of the record is more relationship or love-inspired songs. I think we’re in an interesting time because everything feels political. We’ve all been inspired or pushed to be political because of the crazy times we’ve been experiencing.”

Listen to “Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land” above.

Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land is out 6/11 via Atlantic. Pre-order it here.

Marina is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.