Miley Cyrus Shares A Touching Message To Her Fans: ‘We’ve Grown Up Together And I Love You’

Miley Cyrus is just a few days removed from her set at Lollapalooza’s festival in Chile. She seemed to have a great performance and a strong connection with fans as they both left the performances in high spirits about each other. After her performance, Miley took a moment to meet some of her supporters. In a video that was shared on Twitter, Miley can be seen shouting “I’m gagged!” to them as they waited for her in a room. She eventually runs up to hug them and adds, “You’re everything.”

“Miley literally has a heart of gold and treats her fans like her best friends,” the fan on Twitter captioned the video of Miley hugging her supporters. The singer herself caught wind of the post and shared it with a touching message. “I’ve known you all longer than almost any friend I have,” she wrote. “You are my best friends….We’ve grown up together and I love you….[red heart emoji].”

The message comes after Miley surprised a young fan and their uncle with tickets to this past weekend’s Lollapalooza festival in Argentina. It comes after she found out that the youngster was selling their toys to help their uncle who was saving money to buy tickets for the show. Miley performed at Lollapalooza’s Argentina festival just a day before she performed at the platform’s showcase in Chile

You can view Miley’s message and the video of her hugging fans above.