Miley Cyrus Is Celebrating Valentine’s Day By The Pool With An On-Brand, ‘Flowers’-Inspired Message

It’s clear that Miley Cyrus‘ new No. 1 hit “Flowers” is one of the most empowering anthems to come out so far this year. “I can buy myself flowers / Write my name in sand / Talk to myself for hours, yeah / Say things you don’t understand,” she sings in the ridiculously infectious chorus, which appears to reference Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man.”

As if that’s not inspiring enough, Cyrus is not done hyping herself up and flaunting her independence. She made a Valentine’s Day post today, reiterating the same idea as “Flowers”: “I can love me better. Happy Valentines Day,” she wrote in the caption. The photo is a spicy bathing suit picture; she’s standing tall and confident, looking almost like a superhero.

Yesterday, meanwhile, was a month since the release of “Flowers.” To celebrate, she posted a video in the same bathing suit, showing her lounging by the pool. She wrote a caption about how the song “feels even more meaningful to me.” It says in full, “Happy 1 month anniversary of Flowers! To still be celebrating #1 on the Hot 100 & around the world is phenomenal. With Valentines Day coming up tomorrow this song feels even more meaningful to me. I hope this holiday is filled with the joy of honoring LOVE in all of its forms. It’s human nature to want to give & receive it. Sharing your love is special but it’s always important to save enough of that love for yourself. YOU are enough anything more is just extra. [lips emoji] Thank you for another incredible week. I LOVE YOU. [heart emoji] [rose emoji].”

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