Mxmtoon Debuts An Alternate Version Of Her ‘Dawn’ Track ‘1, 2’ With Rising Singer Chloe Moriondo

20-year-old songwriter Mxmtoon has only been out of high school for a few years but she’s already managed to make a name for herself with a catalog of introspective and lovelorn ballads. Following her debut full-length effort The Masquerade, Mxmtoon shared a handful of songs in the form of her recently-released EP Dawn. Because she can’t tour behind the project, the singer has gifted her fans more music through a handful of Dawn remixes including an alternate version of “1, 2” featuring rising singer Chloe Moriondo.

For the remix, Mxmtoon and Moriondo strip back the song’s layers and reimagine its instrumentals by replacing poppy synths with a warm-toned guitar riff. Moriondo inflects the track with her soaring back-up vocals, adding a shimmering edition to the refined number.

In a previous statement alongside her EP’s announcement, Mxmtoon said she practices being present through songwriting:

“My mind constantly runs rampant with questions about myself, my relationships, and my place in the world. One thing I’ve tried to be better at as the years have gone by though, is letting go. The ability to let yourself live in the moment rather than worrying all the time can be difficult, but to remember that each day is simply an opportunity to grow and learn is a lesson we all have to face. Life is full of teachable moments, and allowing yourself the space to make mistakes and to become better from those is vital.”

Listen to Mxmtoon’s “1, 2” remix above.

Dawn (The Edits) is out now via AWAL. Get it here.