Mxmtoon Heralds Her Upcoming ‘Dusk’ EP With The Contemplative ‘Bon Iver’ Video

Mxmtoon began casually writing songs as a high schooler. At first, her intent was not to become a full-time musician but her earnest voice was relatable for audiences and her early music garnered a large fanbase. Now, a few years older, Mxmtoon continues to hone her reflective songwriting. Following the release of her Dawn EP back in April, the singer flexes her moodier side with the announcement of her Dusk EP.

Mxmtoon announced the upcoming project with a moonlit video alongside her brand-new track “Bon Iver.” Through the song, Mxmtoon evokes late-night nostalgia and reminisces on nighttime drives, fireflies, and listening to Bon Iver with one she holds dear.

In a statement, Mxmtoon explained the inspiration behind her new track:

“When we think of nightfall, we often associate it to the ‘end’ of something. the ‘Bon Iver’ music video is meant to counter that notion, and to spark thought over the possibilities that are ahead instead. a day does not just end when the sun goes down, you continue to find wonder and joy despite the dark, and a whole other world awaits you as the moon glides overhead. new beginnings are not limited to a rising sun, your world is what you make it whenever you choose to begin.”

Watch Mxmtoon’s “Bon Iver” video above.

Dusk is out 10/1 via AWAL. Pre-order it here.