Niall Horan Continues His ‘Late Late Show’ Takeover With A Performance Of ‘No Judgement’

The Late Late Show has been must-see TV for One Direction fans this week, as Niall Horan is in the midst of a takeover of the show. He has been on the program every day since Monday, and he was back again last night. Horan has performed a song on every appearance, and last night, his song of choice was “No Judgement.”

He shook things up for this performance, as he began backstage and made his way through the bowels of the studio before emerging to finish the song in front of the excited audience.

He previously explained the meaning of the song in its video, in which he says, “There comes a time in the mating cycle of humans when the need to impress is replaced by a period they call ‘no judgement.’ Let me tell you something: It gets a little bit strange.”

Elsewhere on the show, he and James Corden did a sketch based on the Proclaimers song “(I’m Gonna Be) 500 Miles,” where the two are called in to diffuse a tense SWAT team situation through the power of song.

Watch clips from Horan’s appearance on The Late Late Show above.

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