Prolific Father Nick Cannon Would Be ‘All In’ On Taylor Swift Being The Mother Of His 13th Child

Nick Cannon currently has 12 children, while the number 13 has recurred throughout Taylor Swift’s career. So, Swift having Cannon’s 13th child would certainly be something, and it’s an idea that Cannon is up for, as he noted in a recent interview with Howard Stern.

The clip starts with Stern asking for a definitive answer on whether Cannon is done having kids. He refused to be concrete, though, because he simply doesn’t know what the future holds. He did say, however, “I’m happy currently with, you know, my dozen that I got.”

Stern pushed the issue, asking, “Who would be the woman that would make you have a baby again?” Cannon laughed off the question, saying, “I’m not doing this. I can see the headlines.” Stern continued, “If I said to you, ‘Taylor Swift wants to have a baby with you.'” Cannon replied, “Absolutely, I’m in. Let’s go! That’s the one! I’m all in.”

Cannon added:

“First of all, she’s an amazing songwriter. And what I do love about Taylor Swift is the fact that she has been so vulnerable and open with all of her music since such a young girl. And she kind of like me, like… me and Taylor’s numbers is very similar when we talk about being in these streets [laughs]! So I think she would relate to me very well based off of, like, ‘Yo, you’ve dated a lot of people in the public eye, so have I,’ so we probably will really understand each other.”

Stern then made note of Swift’s reported break-up with Joe Alwyn and Cannon joked, “You know I know that, Howard! You know I’m… my Spidey-Senses was tingling!”

The whole conversation felt very tongue-in-cheek, so probably don’t expect a pregnancy announcement from Cannon and Swift any time soon.

Check out the interview clip above.