Nick Jonas Appreciates The Beauty Of Life’s Offerings In His Uplifting Video For ‘This Is Heaven’

Nick Jonas delivered his fourth album Spaceman last week — his first solo release since 2016’s Last Year Was Complicated. He doubled back with a brand new video for “This Is Heaven,” which finds him walking in the empty rooms and hallways of an unknown building as he shows his gratitude towards life’s blessings with the uplifting track. The singer is alone for most of the video, except for various points that see him belting the song with a group of instrumentalists and backup singers behind him.

Jonas spoke about the track in an Instagram post. “This song means so much me, to this album,” he said. “I feel like it’s sort of the center point, and kind of the thing that propels us into the theme of commitment, and honestly [it’s] just one of my favorites.”

He also explained how the visual expanded on the song’s theme. “Giving it a different environment and talking about kind of what happens when you are able to escape in whatever way is right for you,” he said. “For some people that’s a good book, video games, a nice meal, dinner… whatever it is, but this is about that escapism feeling.”

You can watch the “This Is Heaven” video above.

Spaceman is out now via Island Records. Get it here.