Nicki Nicole Discussed Her New Single ‘Frío’ And Being In A Relationship With Argentine Rapper Trueno

Nicki Nicole made her return with her new single “Frío” that dropped tonight (November 23). The rising Argentine star talked with Uproxx about the synth-pop track, being in a relationship with Argentine rapper Trueno, and what to expect on her next album.

Nicole emerged from Argentina’s Latin trap wave that has gone global. Since then, she has proven herself to be an all-around pop star, experimenting with genres like reggaeton, R&B, and electronica music. With her single “Frío,” Nicole is taking her music career to the next level. In the frosty kiss-off track, she seamlessly blends reggaeton beats with a synth-pop twist.

“The inspiration was born out of a nostalgic feeling,” Nicole told Uproxx. “That heartbreak you can feel from losing someone and it leaves you feeling cold that you don’t want to be with anyone else. You’re cold with everyone from the fear of being betrayed again. It’s inspired by everything that gives us a bit of heartbreak.”

Earlier this month, Nicole received a co-sign from Latin trap pioneer Arcángel. When asked about the new artists that he’s listening to, he listed all the female artists from Argentina like Nicole, María Becerra, Cazzu, and Emilia. Arcángel added that it’s the women who are the top artists in Argentina today.

“First of all, thanks so much [to Arcángel] and I hope a lot of women keep tearing it up in Argentina and around the world,” she said. “The women today are on another level. Women have always been there, but I feel like before they didn’t have that much visibility. I feel like the talent has always been there, but it wasn’t valued as it is today. I’m happy to see that’s changed.”

Nicole is in a relationship with rapper Trueno. The Argentine power couple have released a few duets together like “Mamichula” and “Dangerous.” She is happy that she can relate to her partner as both artists in the music industry.

“There’s something very positive about having the same job,” Nicole says. “We’re doing the same things and we understand each other 100 percent. I believe that I couldn’t have any better partner than I do now. We flow very well with each other in the studio and the songs we made carry that love that we share. Hopefully we can make 1,000 more songs.”

As for what’s next, Nicole is hard at work on her third album that’s due out next year. She added that she’s exploring “futuristic themes” on the LP like in the “Frío” music video.

“Beyond the message [of ‘Frío’] that’s a bit sad, I want people to dance with the song and enjoy it, and leave behind the heartbreak,” she said.