‘Beavis And Butt-Head’ Hilariously Quips About Olivia Rodrigo’s Rage While Analyzing Her ‘Good 4 U’ Video

In August, Beavis And Butt-Head premiered on Paramount+ and proved they were still hip to pop culture by having the two main characters watch a BTS video in an episode. “Yes! This song kicks ass! And the video kicks ass, too,” Beavis said about “Dynamite.”

Now, the two goofballs have been introduced to the ubiquitous pop star Olivia Rodrigo — more specifically her hit “Good 4 U.” Beavis said of the video, “These cheerleaders don’t seem all that great, you know?” Butt-Head agreed: “Yeah, really. The cheerleaders at our school are better than this and half of them are pregnant.” About the song, Beavis said, “I would love to have a girl be this mad at me because this means that I scored with her before, you know?”

In May, the singer celebrated a year since the release of that album, Sour, writing, “It’s been almost a year since Sour‘s come out. So much has happened in that year: I graduated high school; I went to the White House, which was amazing; and I won three Grammys, which is absolutely insane. This past year, it’s been, you know, a lot of career milestones and stuff, but I’m freshly 19, there are so many things that I’m learning and just normal teenager milestones that I’m going through every day.”

Watch the clip from Beavis And Butt-Head above.