Olivia Rodrigo Dubbed A Lana Del Rey Classic ‘Probably The Best Love Song Of All Time’

The 2023 Billboard Women In Music Awards went down last night (March 1) and during the ceremony, Lana Del Rey was given the Visionary Award. She was introduced by Olivia Rodrigo, who heaped heavy praise on Del Rey and on one of her songs in particular.

After rattling off some Del Rey stats (15 songs on the Hot 100 chart, eight top-10 albums) and other resume bullet points, Rodrigo (who was named Woman Of The Year at last year’s ceremony) said, “Lana has raised an entire generation of music lovers and songwriters like me, and taught them that there’s beauty in their vulnerability and power in their melancholy.”

She continued, “The first song I ever heard of Lana’s was ‘Video Games,’ which… I still consider that song to be probably the best love song of all time. She captures sadness, anger, and sensuality in a way only the greatest of songwriters ever could.”

Rodrigo then concluded:

“What I admire the most about Lana, though, even more than her perfectly written albums, life-changing poetry, and heavenly voice is her unwavering authenticity. Lana has forged her own path her entire career, constantly raising the bar for herself and creating art that pushes boundaries and changes lives. She never sacrificed her unique voice and perspective on a world and an industry that constantly tries to put people in a box. And if that doesn’t make you a visionary, I truly don’t know what does.

She’s also just, like, the coolest, kindest, nicest girl to ever exist, and Lana: I love you.

Watch Rodrigo’s Del Rey speech above. Also check out Del Rey’s acceptance speech below.