Of Course Olivia Rodrigo Used A Lorde Lyric On Her Birthday Cake

Joining the (love) club of young teen pop phenoms, Olivia Rodrigo made it clear that she was deeply influenced by the girls who came before her. Openly a massive fan of Taylor Swift and Lorde, it’s not very shocking that when Olivia is celebrating milestones in her personal life (or professional life, for that matter) that she turns to deep cuts from her own favorite pop stars. Posting a bunch of photos from her 19th birthday on social media today, Rodrigo shared a pic of her cake that was emblazoned with a lyrical quote from Lorde’s song “Perfect Places” off her Melodrama album: “I’m 19 and I’m on fire.”

Though she was channeling Lorde for the sweet section of her party, Olivia’s outfit was much more Kacey Musgraves than Lorde or Taylor — hot pink, lacy and sheer tank top and skirt with a hot pink cowboy hat. It’s basically the uniform for anyone attending Kacey’s ongoing Star-Crossed tour. “Thank u for all the birthday luv! i am now 19!!!!!!!” Rodrigo captioned her photo set, which you can see up above, and scroll through for the cake photo. Her actual birthday was this Sunday, February 20th — which is the same as Rihanna — so hopefully she had a great day celebrating.