Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Vampire’ Song Announcement Had A ‘Twilight’ Actor Coming Through With A Hilarious Question

Olivia Rodrigo unveiled that her first single, “Vampire,” from her new era is arriving at the end of the month. The reveal came complete with cover art of Rodrigo’s side profile, as she is wearing a purple band-aid on her neck.

In a hilarious bit, former Twilight actor Taylor Lautner chimed in with his thoughts. (For those who don’t recall, he played a werewolf in the movie who was fighting vampires for a woman’s affection, ended up losing, and then decided to date her vampire daughter instead.)

“K WHO TF BIT YOU,” he commented on her Instagram post. The official Twilight account also chimed in, “been waiting for this day!!!!! [crying emoji] dreams really do come true [watery eyed smile emoji].”

While Rodrigo didn’t reply back just yet, she has been a notable Twilight fan. Even her bestie, Conan Gray, promoted the upcoming song with a meme of Edward from Twilight talking to Bella.

“I know what you are,” Bella says. “Say it. Out loud. Say it,” Edward responds. And then the regular movie’s dialogue is changed to, “Olivia Rodrigo’s new single.”

She went on to repost Gray’s photo to her Instagram Story. Last year, the duo also recreated one of Twilight‘s other scenes for a hilarious TikTok.

Additionally, Rodrigo reportedly has an unreleased song from her Sour era that is referred to as both “Twilight” and “Twilight Song,” according to her Fandom wiki. She had first teased it on Instagram in 2020.

While it’s unclear if the two are related, fans will get to find out pretty soon either way.