Renee Rapp Cuts Deep On Her New Single, ‘In The Kitchen’

As a stage actress, a television actress, and a musician, Renee Rapp is a triple threat. Her debut single, “Tattoos,” which was released last month, has already pulled in over 3 million streams. Her latest single, “In The Kitchen,” follows up the story of “Tattoos,” reflecting on a relationship gone wrong.

On the piano-driven ballad, Rapp recalls a time when things were pleasant, singing, “When I walk in the kitchen, my heart hits the floor, It’s you that I’m missing, I still see a vision of us cooking dinner, and you’re holding me from behind.” She then saccharinely alludes to an accident that once took place while she was cooking, saying, “You say, ‘Please be careful, that knife is so big, and we can’t have another ER trip. We’re too young, too dumb, too in love to afford it.”

Later in the song, she tugs at the listeners heartstrings, referring to the fact that she and her ex have now gone from “strangers, to lovers, to enemies.”

In the song’s accompanying video, Rapp subverts the stereotypical image of a well put-together housewife, as she cries on the couch and in the backyard after reaching her wit’s end.

Earlier today, Rapp took to Twitter to answer some questions from fans. During the session, she revealed that the concept was creative-directed by Alyah Chanelle Scott, her co-star from The Sex Lives Of College Girls.

“I had been begging @alyahcs to creative direct for a while and she finally gave in and I’m so ducking [sic] grateful,” Rapp said. “[H]er brain is unmatched so I’ll throw this one to her— yaya?”

Check out “In The Kitchen” above.