Rita Ora And Taika Waititi Celebrate Their Wedding Anniversary By Sharing Where Their Venue Actually Was

Rita Ora and Taika Waititi got married a year ago today. In honor of the couple’s first wedding anniversary, they opened up more about that day with some special stories and photos in Vogue.

Particularly, Ora and Waititi set the record straight about their choice in wedding venue — and how it was different than fans might have suspected. The two had kept a lot of the details about it under wraps.

“It wasn’t in London or in France like everyone reported,” Waititi revealed. “It was in L.A. with a small group of friends.”

“At our home!” Ora added.

“Our address was… no, I’m just joking,” Waititi joined back in with a joke.

“It’s actually been quite entertaining for us to see the different stories people made up and all the while getting to keep it to ourselves,” Ora continued. “And, I love that we now get to share what really happened — and to do it on our one-year anniversary, no less.”

Waititi then goes on in the interview to note that the two kept their wedding a small affair, with “about eight people” from their close friends and family. He brought his best friend from New Zealand, and Ora was joined by her sister, Elena.

After their discussion with the magazine, the photos display some sweet moments of the two celebrities getting ready for their intimate wedding.