Rosalía Released A Remix Of Her Viral Hit ‘Bizcochito’ Featuring Haraca Kiko

Rosalía has dropped a new version of her viral hit “Bizcochito.” In the remix that was released yesterday (October 20), the Spanish pop star teamed up with rising Dominican rapper Haraca Kiko.

“Bizcochito” is one of the song’s on Rosalía’s critically-acclaimed Motomami album. The frenetic and electronic track went viral this past summer when she started performing it on her Motomami Tour. During the performances, Rosalía would chew gum while making a funny facial expression. As part of the Amazon Original series, she teamed up with Kiko for a new remix of the song.

“I am so happy to share this remix of ‘Bizcochito’ that I did with my friends Haraca and the producer Leo RD,” Rosalía said in a statement. “I hope my fans at Amazon Music have as much fun dancing to it as I do!”

Like another one of Rosalía’s frequent collaborators, Tokischa, Kiko is helping globalize the Dominican dembow genre. “Bizcochito” gets a bouncy dembow makeover in the remix. Kiko adds to the frivolity of the song with a fiery guest verse. The remix was helmed by Dominican producer Leo RD who is behind many of today’s dembow hits.

At the 2022 Latin Grammy Awards, Rosalía is up for eight nominations, including for Album Of The Year. Her Motomami LP received an additional nomination in a technical category.

Listen to the “Bizcochito” remix on Amazon Music here.