Rosalía Kissed Rauw Alejandro And Danced With MIA During Her ‘Motomami’ Tour Stop In LA

On Friday night (October 7), Rosalía‘s Motomami Tour touched down in Inglewood with special guests that were even a surprise to her. During the concert, the Spanish pop star was joined onstage by her boyfriend Rauw Alejandro and MIA.

The Motomami Tour visited Inglewood’s YouTube Theatre on Friday and Saturday night. With the tour was in the LA area, Rosalía had a few friends and loved ones visit her during the concert. While she was performing “Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi,” MIA emerged from behind the stage. Rosalía had a look of shock on her face when she recognized MIA. They shared a hug and MIA was whipping her hair to Rosalía’s hit.

Shortly after MIA’s appearance, Rosalía proceeded to perform the next song in her set, “Despechá.” She was once again in shock when Puerto Rican superstar Rauw Alejandro was the next guest to hit the stage. Rosalía was blushing when they were dancing together. At the end of the song, they shared a passionate kiss. Considering that “Despechá” sparked breakup rumors back in July, Rosalía and Alejandro showed during that song that they are very much in love.

After both special guests left the stage, Rosalía admitted to the crowd that she had no idea that either of them were going to pop out and join her. She also said that MIA was an “inspiration” for her as an artist.

Rosalía and Alejandro are the second most-nominated artists at the 2022 Latin Grammy Awards with eight nominations each. Rosalía’s Motomami album has an additional nomination in a technical category. Bad Bunny is the most-nominated artist of the year with 10 nominations.