Rosalia Chops Wood In Her New ‘Delirio De Grandeza’ Music Video

Rosalía is taking over the world with Motomami, one of the biggest albums of this year so far. She built up the hype of the album with catchy singles and spicy music videos, and she’s still not done. She’s back today with a video for the track “Delirio De Grandeza.”

Instead of killing The Weeknd like she did in “La Fama” or doing a dance choreography like in “Chicken Teriyaki,” the singer is hanging out in the woods, building fires, chopping down trees, running around, walking in the water, and collecting stones. The big campfire at the end feels symbolic as the camera focuses on the glowing embers.

Motomami is not only being praised by critics and fans, but also by fellow musicians, from Cardi B to the Solar Power star Lorde. “I’ve listened to the Rosalía album every day since it came out,” the “Royals” singer wrote in her newsletter. “F*ck, it’s so good, I gagged when I heard that interpolation of “Archangel,” “Hentai” is genius, “Sakura”… projects like this remind me why I live for pop music — at its best, there’s nothing better.” She recently even did a cover of “Hentai” on one of her tour stops.

Watch the video for “Delirio De Grandeza” above.