Rosalía And Rauw Alejandro Confirm Their Engagement In The New Video For ‘Beso’ Off Their Joint EP ‘RR’

Latin music stars Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro are officially engaged. Nearly two weeks ago, the pair fulfill a promise they made to fans in the past to collaborate on a joint project. Apparently, the three-track EP RR, which is out today, was only the beginning of a more permanent grouping.

The love birds used the release of their latest single from the project, “Beso,” and its accompanying visual to break the news of their engagement to fans. In the video, the recording artist lets viewers into an intimate vacation in the snowy mountains, which look eerily familiar to the same scenery surrounding the home they rented during their Christmas vacation in Japan.

Rosalía sings the romantic chorus, which roughly translates to, “Now I need another kiss / One of those that you give me / Being away from you is hell / Being close to you is my peace / And I love whenever you arrive / And I hate when you’re leaving / I’m going with you to kill / Don’t leave me alone, where are you going, where are you going?”

Alejandro echoes her sentiments in his verse, saying, “We’re already alone, and all my feelings don’t fit in this pen / Hey, how to tell you? / You are the infinite exponent / The moon is too small for you / And even though it is far away, you are the person closest to me / If my cell phone is going to go off, I’ll just let you know too / If there was another life, I drank of your waters / I owe you my being.”

The video ends with a teary Rosalía showing off a diamond ring. Alejandro also shared a congratulatory message he and Rosalía got from Cardi B on his Instagram Story.

Fans of the pair were over the moon to hear about the engagement, taking to social media to shower the musicians with well wishes and congratulatory notes.

Watch the full proposal via the “Beso” video above.

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. .