Producing Is ‘Not Very Fun,’ Newly Crowned Producer Of The Year Rosalía Hilariously Explained At The Women In Music Awards

Rosalía is surprisingly down-to-earth for someone who made history with her latest album, 2022’s Motomami. The star has collaborated with world-dominating artists like Billie Eilish and The Weeknd, yet in accepting the Producer Of The Year Award at the ‘Billboard’ Women In Music Awards, she talked about the way being a producer let her lean into her obsession by spending hours in the studio instead of doing “cool sh*t.”

“A producer’s job is a job in the shadow,” the “Chicken Teriyaki” singer said. “Just producers know what other producers have done. Let’s be real. And it’s not very fun. It’s not. Whoever tells you otherwise, they lying. It’s like 15 hours a day nonstop maybe working on a sound. It comes from love, it comes from obsession maybe a little bit. That’s why you stay in that small-ass room, no windows, while everybody else around you is at home just chilling, eating something nice, laughing, having sex, living life, just regular human, cool sh*t, you know?”

Later, she added, “This means a lot because I make my own music and I produce my own songs and I write my own songs.” She then dedicated the award to “all the women that are gonna be producers.”

Watch her full speech above.