Sabrina Carpenter Is Taking No ‘Nonsense’ In Her New Music Video

Sabrina Carpenter dropped the new music video for her Emails I Can’t Send single, “Nonsense,” this morning. Directed by Danica Kleinknecht, Carpenter appears alongside her friends Paloma Sandoval and Whitney Peak (Gossip Girl), as they attend a party. There, Carpenter meets… herself… sort of. Except she’s playing a character of a “dipsh*t” guy, as the hat she wears for the costume reads.

Before releasing the music video, “Nonsense” had become a fan-favorite from her recent album, which led to the video’s creation. It also is one of the sassier, romantic songs on the record, compared to others that heartbreakingly reflect on past relationships, like “How Many Things” and “Skinny Dipping.” Carpenter even made it clear during one of her tour dates, when she sang “This song is not about Joshua Bassett” to the melody.

“The ‘Nonsense’ video really happened because of the fans persistently asking, and that’s the coolest feeling,” Carpenter told Rolling Stone about the video. “I knew immediately I wanted my best friends to be in the video, and I wanted us to play our own boyfriends because the song is just too fun for the video not to be a riot.”

“Track no. 9 has a video all bc of you guys!! nonsense video is out now and it is sooo unserious + def one of my favorite videos may b ever,” she also shared on Instagram.

Watch Sabrina Carpenter’s “Nonsense” music video above.