Selena Gomez Shares The Studio Version Of ‘Feel Me’ After Nearly Four Years

Earlier this year, Selena Gomez shared her third studio Rare, one that arrived after an over four-year wait. On the vinyl edition of the album, Gomez included an official version of a track that her fans have been dying to receive for well over three years, yet many deserved for it to be on streaming platforms.

Performed during her 2016 Revival Tour, fans of Gomez immediately fell in love with her live performance of an unreleased track by the name of “Feel Me.” After performing the track, fans immediately fell in love with it. “Feel Me” presents Gomez’s fiery passion with two middle fingers directed at a past lover in her life, similar to “Lose You To Love Me” from Rare.

Since its debut on the Revival Tour, fans have hoped, day in and day out, that Gomez would make the song available for them to listen to when and as often as they desired. Upon performing is Gomez said, “One night I was kind of irritated and I wrote this song.” Video of her performance of the song during the Revival Tour has racked up millions of views as it was the only version of the song for a while, but no more.

After a three year wait, the day her fans have long sought for has finally arrived. Still standing as one of Gomez’s most beloved songs, the singer has shared the official version of “Feel Me.” After saying she would not release the track because “was from when I was in a different place and doesn’t fit with where I am right now,” fans should ecstatic at the sudden change of heart.

Press play on the track above.

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