Shania Twain Never Thought Performing With Harry Styles At Coachella Would Be A ‘Landmark Moment’

Shania Twain doesn’t know her own power, apparently. Twain joined Harry Styles during his headlining Coachella set last April to perform “Man, I Feel Like A Woman” in matching sequined outfits. Somehow, the five-time Grammy winner didn’t think that would be a big deal.

“I was so relaxed about it,” Twain told Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe toward the end of their 57-minute sit-down interview out today, February 1. “I just thought, first of all, we have a casual back-and-forth anyway, Harry and I. … I was out of the country for that first weekend, and I said, ‘Well, I’m not gonna be there, but I’ll come on the second weekend.’ And he said, ‘OK.’ And then he comes back and says, ‘I really want you to do the first weekend. Is there any way?'”

She continued, “I didn’t realize the significance of that moment. I saw it as a moment to get together with Harry, but I didn’t see it as such a landmark moment.” After Lowe vouched that their duet was, in fact, a landmark moment, Twain added, “It was such a wonderful surprise — everyone’s reaction — and it makes sense to me now because it’s the Harrys and his age group and even younger that their moms had my music on, and they [were] in the backseat.”

In early January, Twain stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and explained how she developed a friendship with Styles.

“He was playing in New York, actually. This was before he really blew up, and I went backstage to meet him. We became texting friends at that moment,” she told Colbert. “He texted me a few weeks later, ‘Would you call my mom and wish her a happy birthday?’ I’m like, ‘Of course! Sure!’ … Harry and I have been friends ever since.”

Back with Lowe, Twain opened up about her “very bad” hospitalization for COVID-19 and pneumonia. “Every day, my lungs were filling up with inflammation,” she said. “Within 12 days, I was pretty much dying. Thankfully, I had plasma therapy, and it worked.” She also touched on nearly permanently losing her voice due to Lyme disease and undergoing throat surgery.

Twain’s album Queen Of Me is out Friday, February 3. Check out the cover and tracklist below, and watch Twain’s interview with Lowe above.