Suki Waterhouse Dances Her Way Around A Greenhouse In Her Vibrant New Video For ‘OMG’

Suki Waterhouse returned with her new single, “OMG,” which will appear on her next album later this year. The track was co-written with Natalie Findlay and focuses on the feeling of looking back on a relationship.

“We started half the song and then put it to the side,” she told Rolling Stone. “We were like, ‘It’s not working.’ And then two months went by and we were back in the studio, and suddenly this chorus came out with this energy around it.”

In the music video, which was shot in Panavision and directed by Émilie Richard-Froozan, Waterhouse shot part of it at Diplo’s Greenhouse in Los Angeles, according to the publication. She poses in a red dress, using the French singer, Édith Piaf, as inspiration.

“Doesn’t he have the most stunning greenhouse you’ve ever seen?” Waterhouse added. “We knew we wanted to do this Piaf women-in-distress look. Indie budgets are really hard, and shooting in L.A. is really, really difficult to do at the moment, so we had to get very quite crafty with the location. I heard he had a greenhouse, and I DM’d him. He was very sweet to lend us.”

Waterhouse’s next album is expected to arrive later this year, as she revealed to the outlet that it has to conceptually do with “metamorphosis” and a “disco ball spider.” Until then, not much else is known.

Check out “OMG” above.