Jennifer Lopez And Shakira Reflect On Their Epic Super Bowl Halftime Show Performance

Last year’s Super Bowl halftime show had a lukewarm reception, but that wasn’t the case at all this year. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira owned the stage, and their mid-game performance was absolutely beloved. After they left the field, the two stars took to social media and offered some reflections on the huge moment.

Shakira wrote about how great it was to perform at the Super Bowl on her birthday, saying, “The best birthday gift has been the support of all my fans and the most amazing and hardworking team an artist could wish for. We Latinos climbed Kilimanjaro and made history tonight and we couldn’t have done it without all of you!” In another post, she gave thanks to Lopez, writing, “Thank you @jlo for a night that shows how much Latinos have to offer!”

Lopez also showed appreciation, writing, “Thank you to my incredible team for the most epic halftime I could have ever imagined. I love you guys so much!”

Before the game, Shakira also took a moment to highlight a dancer from her hometown of Barranquilla, who later joined her on stage during halftime: “Meet @diazlizdany -an incredible young dancer from my hometown of Barranquilla. I discovered Liz dancing champeta – a Colombian favorite – on @instagram and brought her out to work together on a part of the choreography for my #HalftimeShow! She’s only 18, but she takes care of her family and works so hard, and she brings so much joy. I’m proud to be able to share this stage today with a fellow Barranquillera, and to show this infectious dance from our hometown to the world.”

Find more social media posts about the big game from Lopez and Shakira below, and watch their full halftime performance here.